Digital Enterprise

Every major organisation in Australia is currently facing the same challenge: How to successfully undergo Digital Transformation of their operations to prepare for the future.

This challenge is substantial; encompassing not only back-office operations, but also customer-facing business processes that impact on reputation, brand and revenue.

CTO Group views Digital Transformation as the evolution of how people, process and technology are integrated in a holistic fashion to drive agility, innovation and efficiency, leveraging these strengths to deliver exceptional consumer experiences.

We view this paradigm through four key lenses: Consumer Experience, Business Services, Enterprise Services and Infrastructure and Facilities.

This means that our Digital Enterprise practice maintains up-to-date domain knowledge in relevant technology paradigms such as the ‘As a Service’ delivery model. And we’ve developed Cloud Adoption and Service Adoption models to support the transition to the Digital Enterprise.

It is only when organisations come to an understanding of how these different facets must jointly evolve to meet rapidly evolving business needs, that the benefits of a Digital Enterprise model can be realised.

CTO Group is well-positioned to act as an independent and trusted advisor in this process, due to our extensive history of working with clients to uplift the maturity of their ecosystems and position them for success in the future.

capability leader / Digital Enterprise

Frank Turcic

We consider the Digital Enterprise with a holistic approach to people, process and technology to drive agility, innovation and efficiency. We deliver strategies which enable our clients' Digital Enterprise to thrive in a world of accelerating and unpredictable change. Our agile approach, which is underpinned by sound methodology, delivers outcomes which meet or exceed our clients' expectations and enables them to deliver exceptional levels of service to their customers.


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