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Federal Government Cloud Implementation

Federal Government Cloud Implementation

A large Australian Government department required the benefits offered by public cloud services but in a manner that remained consistent with its legislative and policy requirements, including information security, ownership and privacy.

The department engaged CTO Group to refine their requirement then design and build a prototype capability to deliver it. In essence, a capability that would facilitate the adoption of public cloud services, foster business agility and improve service delivery while ensuring functional capabilities were delivered in a consistent manner. Critical to the capability was a greater level of integration, governance and management to ensure compliance with Australian Government requirements.

The capability delivered to the department by CTO Group can be viewed as both an integration hub and access gateway. The integration hub orchestrates the system level integration between the department and the cloud providers and the gateway provides a central access point for the department and citizens to the providers. The gateway also includes a privacy filter that is able to tokenise personal information flowing to and from the public cloud, retain it in a secure, government certified private cloud onshore all in real time. Not only was this a key component of the project it is also the first time this has ever been done by an Australian Government department, quite possibly the first time it has ever been done in Australia and a game changer for cloud adoption by Government.

The prototype capability delivered by CTO Group is now being utilised by the department to provide a significant Government initiative that leverages ‘the cloud’ whilst meeting the relevant obligations.