IT dept silos are a key digital transformation roadblock

Digital Enterprise

August 5, 2016

Is your business undergoing a digital transformation journey? You won’t get very far if your IT department has locked itself into silos.

Digital transformation has become more than a phenomenon: It’s a juggernaut. Look around at any sector of the economy, from banking to retail to government, and you’ll see rapid change making itself felt on a massive scale.

In this environment, it’s crucial that IT departments align themselves strongly with the needs of their business.

And this goes beyond merely keeping costs down and the lights on in the datacentre. The digital transformation mega-trend means that technologists must focus on the revenue picture as well as on expenses, especially if your chief information officer is to retain their treasured position at the board room table.

One key roadblock which plagues many major organisations is the fact that their IT departments are siloed into different divisions.

We’ve all been there: Infrastructure isn’t talking to Apps, the Operations team is engaged in a tug of war with an external Service Provider, and perhaps you even have the Sales and Marketing divisions off to the side organising their own Software as a Service platforms, because it’s too hard to get a procurement request approved.

Meanwhile, the organisation’s higher goals have gotten lost in the maelstrom and business alignment has gone out the window.

The solution to all of this, of course, is staring us in the face. Many organisations would benefit from a well-considered service integration model, so that their various divisions can coordinate together in a more cohesive fashion.

In my next blog posts, I will discuss best practice for how organisations should approach service transformation.

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This article is by Talal Rad, a consultant at CTO Group. Contact him directly or through his LinkedIn account.