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Opposing Forces of Cloud Computing

Talal Rad is CTO Group’s Technology Capability Leader. Contact him directly via email or thro.. read more

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The Digital Enterprise Technology Platform

Tony Staples is CTO Group’s Digital Enterprise Capability Leader. He has developed his experti.. read more

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Avoiding the Cloud vs Cloud Play-off

Using cloud computing services should ultimately be about improving your business agility and avoidi.. read more

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Agile and ITIL can learn much from each other

When you start getting into the nitty gritty, it quickly becomes apparent that Agile and ITIL have m.. read more

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Creating Viral Change through Internal Micro-Providers

New thinking is required if organisations want to truly drive cultural change aligned to an holistic.. read more

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What is the role of Enterprise Architects in an “as a Service” world?

How can Enterprise Architects help drive enterprise transformation in an “as a Service” .. read more

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Agile and Project Management are still uncomfortable bedfellows

Each methodology definitely adds value. Greater value still may come from the points where they inte.. read more

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Agile is not just for Software Developers

On a Friday afternoon several weeks ago, I spent a whole hour making paper planes. Some of the plane.. read more