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Agile and Project Management are still uncomfortable bedfellows

Each methodology definitely adds value. Greater value still may come from the points where they inte.. read more

Blog / Governance & Assurance

Agile is not just for Software Developers

On a Friday afternoon several weeks ago, I spent a whole hour making paper planes. Some of the plane.. read more

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Platform + Agile: Smart thinking for Govt IT

When I think about the concept of ICT strategy for Australia’s public sector, one of the most comm.. read more


In for a penny, but the ideas are priceless

I would give a pretty penny to be able to see the famous English coffee houses of the seventeenth ce.. read more

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Why your malware is a valuable information resource

For the past several decades, those of us who live in IT security land have been locked into a certa.. read more

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Why you should adopt a Cloud Standard

I have no doubt that your organisation is using cloud computing technologies in some form. Where fiv.. read more

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The Digital Enterprise: It’s already here

There is an anecdote that goes something along the lines: If a frog is placed into boiling water, it.. read more

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Digital transformation need not cost the earth

Digital transformation is the hot topic of the IT industry in 2016. It’s the subject of a million .. read more