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Specialist Support Services

With a focus on providing sustained specialist services to support business as-usual operations, CTO Group’s Specialist Support Services capability spans much of the technology spectrum. Under a residency style engagement, CTO Group will provide clients with value added services to not only “keep the lights on”, but to identify continual improvement activities to enhance our clients’ ICT capability, ensuring value for money engagement. Specialist Support Services offerings include:

  • Systems management and support
  • Managed residency engagements
  • Remediation work plans
  • Service improvement
  • Capacity and performance reporting
  • Service management support (ITIL Functions)


CTO Group recognises that when engaged to provide specialist consultants our clients are seeking specialist skills, knowledge and experience. Typically there is a need to augment an existing delivery capability for a short to medium-term period of time. CTO Group consultants are productive from the first day of an engagement. They are self-starters and self-sufficient. Our framework for delivering services recognises the nature of specialist and resident services which imply an end date. As such, the ongoing knowledge transfer to client resources, culminating in the final handover is a key responsibility of CTO Group consultants. When performing specialist support services, CTO Group consultants are able to reach back into and leverage the full capability of CTO Group. This includes dedicated consulting, delivery and management support.