CTO Group has developed five key capabilities which aim to directly meet business needs.

In each capability area we have fused industry standards, together with our detailed knowledge and experience, to form a core competency grounded in real-world engagements. Each is led by an in-house capability leader who is regarded, both within CTO Group and externally, as a thought leader in their field.

In our role as a trusted advisor to clients, we have found that many engagements will require specialist resources drawn from a number of capability areas. CTO Group is able to leverage skills and knowledge from across our operations in order to best serve a particular client’s needs in a specific engagement.

If an engagement transitions into an execution or service delivery structure, some of those resources may then take on a residency-style engagement with a client to meet short- to medium-term needs. This experience will then feed expertise back in a manner that will further develop our strength in any given capability.