CTO Group offers a number of distinct services targeted at meeting client needs, utilising the domain knowledge we have developed across our capabilities.

Our services range from high-level strategic planning and the development of roadmaps and blueprints to inform your IT strategy and investment approach, to detailed service and systems design.

For example, we can conduct a strategic planning process to help a client mature its entire internal IT ecosystem in a way that will provide a general uplift to multiple areas of capability simultaneously.

This progression to a heightened level of digital maturity is assisted by the development of comprehensive and practical roadmaps which will enable a client to visualise its transformation journey to digital maturity.

CTO Group is also able to provide health checks of a specific project or larger program of work being carried out by an organisation, as well as conducting an assessment of an aspect of an organisation’s capability. This may involve providing assurance with a discrete or ongoing work package or service in the form of a post-implementation review.

Finally, CTO Group also offers skills augmentation, consisting of resourcing support for key teams with hard to find, high-quality skillsets. This may take the form of a residency-style engagement or short-term support.

Any member of our leadership team would be pleased to speak with you regarding your organisation’s challenges.

Advisory Services

Systematic evaluation of options or alternatives, tested steps for change, transformation or optimisation of digital, security, technology or service change.

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Foundational design of new capabilities, services, solution or systems for cloud, data or improved business delivery. Includes introduction, adoption and integration processes.

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Providing post implementation reviews of design processes, technology or capability delivery, this service captures lessons, gains and areas of further focus.

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Comprehensive and practical roadmaps to improve performance, business outcomes, business/IT alignment, benefits realisation or services introduction.

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Project Services

Shorter and long term resourcing support for teams, with hard to find high quality skillsets, including security and risk, business analysis, testers and solution design.

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Provision of project delivery services, integrated into client teams and as a managed service.

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