Governance & Assurance

Governance refers to the relationships and policies by which organisations make decisions about technology-enabled projects and processes. Assurance allows authority figures to gain confidence in their organisation’s delivery capability.

The successful application of both is critical to organisations’ ability to implement Digital Transformation programs and conduct their normal business.

Without strong Governance structures, technology-enabled projects frequently run over time and over budget – or even fail completely – and business as usual processes often slip to become inefficient and ineffective.

Without Assurance, it is difficult for decision-makers to gain confidence in the veracity of the information they need to make wise choices.

CTO Group maintains a strong Governance & Assurance capability, fusing best practice methodology with learnings from our many engagements.

In our role as a trusted advisor, we are able to apply our unique insights from this practice to assist with uplifting a client’s Governance structures, as well as to conduct independent Assurance on key projects and processes with a view to driving continuous improvements.

capability leader / Governance & Assurance

Yvette Blanchard

We are highly experienced in establishing best practice frameworks for decision making and for project governance and management. We assist our clients in delivering IT outcomes which are aligned with business strategic plans, and in achieving compliance with their standards and policies. Our risk assessments provide evidence based, measured assessments of operational maturity and capability, including remediation recommendations which ensure cost effectiveness, security and business continuity.


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