Service Integration

Service Integration is a paradigm which emerged from the widespread adoption of complex ICT outsourcing strategies, where multiple service providers are engaged to provide different services to an organisation.

It recognises that significant benefits can derive from the integration of different service providers to forge a single ICT organisation, which will meet business requirements in a unified, streamlined and holistic fashion.

These can include increased adaptability and flexibility, increased cost-effectiveness, the delivery of services through ‘best of breed’ suppliers, the standardisation of service delivery terms and enhanced alignment with business needs.

CTO Group’s Service Integration capability is regarded as being at the leading edge of industry thought and incorporates detailed methodology in areas such as service adoption, management and transformation. It has been developed and refined through a number of major engagements.

It is also staunchly independent, separating itself from a number of proprietary Service Integration models developed by large ICT service providers primarily for use with their own offerings. This reflects our role as a trusted advisor focused on delivering benefits to our clients.

capability leader / Service Integration

Darren Harvey

The Service Integration capability looks to address the transformation challenges that organisations have when moving from a legacy outsourced ICT provider model to a multi-sourcing model leveraging cloud and niche service providers. Our capability facilitates workforce transformation through a shift from "I do these activities using these processes" to "I provide these services as a micro-provider".


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