Our Values

Quality is our differentiator
We live and breathe a can-do attitude
We teach and support our people to take initiative, action and ownership
We work together to achieve our goals

CTO Group Values

Our Values are what link us and differentiate who we are in the market. When we established our values here is what our people thought:

“CTO Group gives all staff the opportunity to excel. Whether via vocational training, time off to study, opportunities to improve your health and fitness or flexibility to allow you to undertake your passions (i.e. competitive sport), the organisation will support you whenever possible.”

“I’ve heard people say they like how we are a ‘family’ style company that supports each other. I like how we are supported on site and not left in the lurch without backup or management assistance (I’ve seen that happen with large companies). Both our behaviours and our deliverables are professional. Our review processes are timely and helpful. We are given opportunities and challenges to expand our knowledge and skills (through our engagements, teaming and our mentoring). As a company, we value our good name and we aim to maximise client satisfaction so that we don’t compromise our integrity.”

“CTO Group is a small IT company that delivers personalised solutions/services through professional consultants. And “The most important aspect however is how staff are treated, they are looked after and not just left on site, having regular get togethers and events like BBQ’s, sporting teams and the annual family day.”