Advisory Services

Roadmaps, Blueprints & Models

Through a series of complex engagements with large organisations, CTO Group has developed a proven methodology to deliver ICT transformation that is aligned with defined business objectives.

A key element of this methodology is the production of roadmaps, blueprints and models which allow the execution strategy of an ICT transformation model to be easily consumed by a wide range of stakeholders. These visualisations are the method by which we take a wealth of complex data from a variety of sources, and present it in a consumable, clearly understood product which can then be operationalised.

Through a comprehensive discovery process, CTO Group develops a Current State Definition of a client’s technology, resources and processes, as well as defining a beneficial Future State.

A roadmap to achieve this Future State is then articulated visually, as well as in a timeline view of the required transformation activities. CTO Group then works with clients to achieve endorsement of this approach, as well as communicating the vision to all key stakeholders and assisting with delivery.

In our role as a trusted advisor, CTO Group has used this approach to drive structural change in some of Australia’s largest organisations, with a particular focus on significantly uplifting the maturity of their operations.