Advisory Services

Assurance & Implementation Review

The establishment of any major technology-enabled project or business process brings with it inherent risk: Risk of delays, budget overruns and even the potential of overall project failure.

It is not possible to avoid these risks entirely. However, the application of a rigorous Assurance and Review capability means organisations gain visibility over risks that could affect their business, as well as being able to contain and control those risks in a way which can mitigate negative outcomes.

Through our history of complex engagements with large organisations, CTO Group has developed a proven methodology to mitigate risk inherent in technology-enabled projects.

This process starts with Assurance of in-flight projects, to ensure they remain within a client’s tolerance envelope in terms of cost, timing, quality and other key factors.

CTO Group can also conduct Post-Implementation Reviews of projects, with a view to understanding factors that influenced the success or failure of a project and documenting lessons learnt.

Our aim is always to assist clients with uplifting the maturity of their project and technology ecosystems and to ensure the success of future technology-enabled projects.